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January Table Winners

The expert table was won by a buttercup yellow Potinaria Hwa Yuan Gold grown by Bill Gardiner.This is a division of another plant. Bill grows it as a cattleya but has found it benefits from more light-he grows it under a grow lamp and more heat–it is positioned in a... read more

British Orchid Council Congress in Norwich

On the weekend of 5th and 6th November 2016 we put on a magnificent display of our members orchids. The two Bills, Angela and Aubrey went up on the Friday afternoon to assemble it. It looked great! It looked even better the following day when several plants were... read more

September Table Winners

This month’s novice table winners were the Tweeds who presented a beautiful, spotted Vanda hybrid which they bought from Laurence a couple of years ago. They tried growing it in a glass vase without success before resorting to planting it in a bark in a pot.... read more

Garden Party

Grazyna and Jonathan made us very welcome at their house on the afternoon of 23rd July. Fortunately the sun continued shining from the previous week’s record temperatures! All those who were there were able to shelter under the parasol, gazebo or one of the many... read more

Woodbridge Flower Show

On 2nd July Angela, Steve and Janet (assisted by Eric) put on a small stand at the Woodbridge Flower Show. We had been invited by the show organizer who we met at our March show. We were made to feel very welcome and after our stand had been set up we were provided... read more

Suffolk Show success 2016

A gloomy Suffolk Show proved to be a huge success for our society. Thanks to the hardwork of Steve, setting up the display tables the previous day and a selection of good quality plants provided by our members. The society, once again, won a large gold award! The... read more

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