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Bill Gardiner’s Stupendous Plants!

Bill has sent over these superb photos of his plants and shots of the inside of his greenhouses. They look a picture!. Many are familiar friends. Remember to click on a picture to access the slide show in full screen or just hover the cursor over to show the plant...

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A success at last!

  My last post was one of doom and gloom so this is what my collection should look like. I have posted some photos of our conservatory which is where I grow my plants. It has its advantages as you can potter in your dressing gown while the tea is brewing but it...

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Andy Gissing’s Flowering Plants

  Hi Janet Attached are pictures of my Bulbophyllums that are flowering at the moment. These are all growing in a greenhouse with a minimum temperature of 15C. Bulb. Wilbur Chang is a sequential flowering type. Last year it produced 17 flowers on one stem over...

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More from Bill Haldane

Here are some more of Bill Haldane's plants that are flowering at the moment. It includes another enormous dangling Coelogyne and a lovely Oncidium laeve which has a delicious perfume. Bill has added that he grows his big Coelogynes in a basin which he keeps topped up...

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Warning –the VERY Hungry Caterpillar(s)

Cancelling our show had its merits. During the winter my dendrobiums were proceeding well. The canes had grown taller than usual thanks to “Rainmix” and the buds were at that tricky stage when the timing of the first big watering is critical to flower rather than...

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Bill Haldane’s flowering plants

Bill Haldane sent over his pictures of plants that flower at this time of the year. I particularly like the Coelogyne but am a sucker for droopy flowers!  

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All meetings are cancelled but here is the solution!

  Unfortunately we will not be able to meet for the foreseeable future due to Corvid 19. This includes the Suffolk Show, all plant/garden events and the Malvern Show in June. What a shame considering the beautiful weather we are having at the moment but what an...

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Table Winners from September 2019!

  I am sorry I have somewhat neglected keeping the posts of table winners up to date for one reason or another. Here are the photos from the September, October, January and February meetings. The details of when, what, owner and if expert or novice are in the...

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AGM and June Table Winners

The AGM held on 26th June went without a hitch. Andy Gissing kindly agreed to step in as Vice Chairman following the resignation of David Barton who was involved in the formation of the society. We thank him for all the hard work he has put in to the society over the...

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Success at the Suffolk Show

Well done everyone! At the Suffolk show we were presented with  a Large Gold award! The judge praised the variety and excellence of our plants. Bill G again provided superb specimens of Masdevallias. Their vibrant colours wowed many people. Thanks must go to all...

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Our Orchid Show

Saturday 30th March dawned bright and sunny which set the scene for an extremely successful show. The display our members contributed to was varied and of an extremely high quality. Bill Gardiner's plants won both the species and hybrid awards! Laurence put on his...

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March Table Winners

The March meeting hosted Tina Loose and her husband. They completed the European orchid journey they introduced us to in a previous meeting. This time they visited Slovenia, Samos, Cyprus and Crete showing us delightful, mainly Ophrys species, all of which were...

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