Once again this month we had an excellent table display. The previous winners competition table was won by Paul Eaton with his beautiful Coelogyne Memoria William Micholitz, there were no entries on the novice table.

Our speaker this month was Michael Radley talking about his trip to Costa Rica with his wife, which they had researched and planned themselves. He explained how avoiding the high season may have meant not seeing as many orchids, but they still saw a good variety, ranging from tiny pleurothallis to large sobralias, as well as lots of different birds and wild life. Quite a few of the orchids they saw were lying in the road having been blown out of the trees.   Their hire car and some of the roads seemed to give them some memorable moments! However none of this put them off because they made a second trip.

Next month Robin Macdonald will be telling us about orchids in botanical gardens.