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Virtual Orchid Congress Successes

  The British Orchid Council has just published the results of the Covid19 online Congress it organised to coincide with the Malvern International Orchid Show that unfortunately had to be cancelled. There were approximately 400 entries in total, some from as far... read more

More from Andy Gissing!

Andy has sent over some great photos of the plants that he had in flower between mid May and mid June. Once again some unusual and superbly grown plants! A note from Andy on how to keep the Psychopsis alive! “The Psychopsis do have a bit of a reputation. Not... read more

More from Bill Haldane

Here are photos of two more of Bill Haldane’s plants. I know that he stands the pot containing the Coelogyne in a washing up bowl which always contains water.  The plant has responded to this and flowers prolifically and is now probably in a bigger outer... read more

What a surprise!

  I have two plants of Coelogyne massangeana-one larger than the other. I have flowered the larger one before but not regularly. They need large pseudobulbs to flower well. Imagine my surprise when a bud appeared on the smaller plant. The flowers are pretty and... read more

More from Bill Gardiner

Some more of Bill’s immaculate plants with some useful cultural information. “Please find enclosed some more orchid photos for the website. I have also included a photo of my shade house which sits in the middle of my garden. It is in full sun but is... read more

Phil Broom’s Cymbidiums (Mainly)

Phil sent some pictures of his collection of Cymbidiums. I think he said that they had originated via Stonham Barns from the collection of the man from Monks Eleigh. “I have enclosed some photos of Cymbidiums I have in bloom. I have also sent a photo of one of... read more

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