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Suffolk Show Success!

Once again our society succeeded in winning a large gold award at the local county show held at the beginning of the month. The display featured a varied selection of plants including several grown to specimen size. The cold weather earlier in the year delayed the... read more

March Table Winner

Bill Gardiner won the expert table with this beautiful Paphiopedilum Lathamianum “Rex”. This plant was in full bloom at our show on the 10th March , where it won a “Best in Show” award. The flowers were still in pristine condition! There were... read more

January Table Winners

Sorry about the delay adding this entry! Pterostylis curta is an unusual Australian terrestrial orchid, exhibited by Bill Haldane, that won the expert section. These spring flowering orchids require a warmer, drier summer rest. They multiply quickly into large clumps... read more

Our show!

We chose the right weekend to hold our annual show. It was a Saturday sandwiched between two really cold ones! We had a very successful day with a rush of admissions on opening lasting until early afternoon before we could draw breath. There were many interested... read more

November Table Winner

Bill Haldane presented this unusual Dendrochilum arachnites. It is commonly called the Spider Dendrochilum because its flowers are more spidery than other types. Plants can be grown from cool to warm temperatures in medium light. They like to be potted in fine bark... read more

September Table Winner

There were no plants in the Novice section this meeting but Paul Eaton celebrated his promotion to “expert” status by being one half of a draw with Bill Haldane. Paul exhibited a pretty yellow Masdevallia hybrid. Paul does well with this genera and has... read more

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