The AGM held on 26th June went without a hitch. Andy Gissing kindly agreed to step in as Vice Chairman following the resignation of David Barton who was involved in the formation of the society. We thank him for all the hard work he has put in to the society over the years. The meeting ended in record time and we were able to socialize over drinks and nibbles.

There was only  one plant in each section on the competition table. The novice winner was a well flowering specimen of Prosthechea radiata. It is kept in cool/intermediate conditions in diffused light. When growing it needs to be damp but must be drier in winter when not in growth.

The experts table was won by Bill Haldane’s magnificent Angulosa hybrid. It has required a huge amount of patience as it has taken 10 years to flower after Bill acquired it in a flask. This plant is deciduous, loosing its leaves in winter.It must be kept cooler and dry for a few weeks to initiate flowering as it does as the new leaves are growing. As the leaves grow it can be watered and fed. It must have shade or the leaves will scorch.

Finally as we wish you a good summer, I should like to point out that the details of the Cambridge trip have been added to the “Events” section. The next meeting will be on 25th September! Look forward to seeing you all then.