Here are pictures and information about some of Andy’s plants that are currently or have recently been in flower. 


The Epidendrum medusae was purchased during the spring as a small plant and then mounted on bark which it has really taken to with roots wrapped all round and new growths appearing. The flowers which came out at the end of August  have an unusual texture and feel like plastic. They are 50mm (2″) across and have no noticeable scent. It is kept in the cool greenhouse out of direct sunlight watered every day during the hot weather. Now it has cooled down I keep it just damp.


Cattleya maxima – This is the first time flowering and ended up having 7 blooms.  As I was unable to get it to flower last year I moved it into a high light position in the conservatory and that seems to have worked.


Dendrobium Swiss Mountain Palace – Cool growing and enjoys the same conditions as the Epidendrum medusae.


Haraella odorata – Had this plant for 3 years and struggled with it only getting the occasional flower, tried it in several different places and it is now beside the Epidendrum medusae and has been in flower for the last six weeks.  The flowers smell of lemons.


Prosthechea Sunburst – grows in the intermediate greenhouse. It has been in flower in the conservatory for 9 weeks now and has a beautiful scent.