The March meeting hosted Tina Loose and her husband. They completed the European orchid journey they introduced us to in a previous meeting. This time they visited Slovenia, Samos, Cyprus and Crete showing us delightful, mainly Ophrys species, all of which were slightly different but filled in a niche. Tina’s entertaining talk was backed by superb photos taken by her husband. We all left feeling we should go on a similar trip!

This evenings expert table was won by Bill Gardiner’s excellent unnamed, two spiked Odontoglossum hybrid. He bought it a couple of years ago at the Norwich orchid conference and it has blossomed since. Bill says he has more success growing these tricky plants by letting them get drier between waterings. He uses his normal mix of bark, sphagrum and perlite potting mix.

The novice table was won by Andy Gissing’s well grown Phalaenopsis hybrid. This plant was given to him by his neighbour as a rescue. He planted it on this tree stump and it hasn’t looked back! This is how these plants would grow in the wild. Andy sprays it daily and stands it in a shallow tray which is keptĀ  topped up with a little water. Every week he gives the whole root system a good soak by dunking it in water. Results speak for themselves!