Unfortunately we will not be able to meet for the foreseeable future due to Corvid 19. This includes the Suffolk Show, all plant/garden events and the Malvern Show in June. What a shame considering the beautiful weather we are having at the moment but what an excuse to tend to your plants and garden!
So that we can keep in touch Angela has sent an e-mail to members to introduce our virtual orchid shows in our “Posts” section. To take part send me photos of your plants in bloom or diseases they have that you want identifying or queries you might have with their culture or even pictures of your garden. I shall be able to load them on to our web site. It would be helpful if you could send your pictures as JPGs and replace the file number with the plant name or subject so that it will appear as you want in the slide show.. Please also include your name as it isn’t always possible to identify people from their e-mail addresses!
Hope you are all safe and are keeping well.

Well done Paul for responding quickly and being first in our virtual orchid tour! I am unable to put the names of the plants on the photo but will list them in the order that they occur in the slide show. If you hover over the picture the plant name will pop up or alternatively click on the photo and the slide show will be available with the plant name under each picture. Paul’s plants are always very well grown and it is really nice to be able to see plants that are flowering between meetings-always irritating when the flowers are either not quite out enough or going over when our meetings are due!

The pictures are of a Cirrhopetalum picturatum, a Coelogyne cristata with a close-up, a Coelogyne flaccida, a Dendrobium fimbriatum oculatum and a close-up, a Dendrobium Stardust ‘Chyomi’, a Dendrobium trignopus which Paul says smells delightful and an Epidendrum fimbriatum.