We had a superb well attended meeting on the 27th October. which was made even better by the array of plants for sale Zsuzsa had brought with her from her nursery, Spicesotic Plants! there were some beauties! She gave an extremely informative talk on dendrobium species, mainly mounted, giving handy hints on avoiding possible pitfalls and long standing tales of failures. She was able to pass on information that she had learned from growing them. We all took home something to try. She also brought us up to date with the new post Brexit rules regarding the importation of orchids to the UK. Basically it is a nightmare of paper work and delays-the moral being don’t bother as an individual. She advised us that all her plants come in through proper channels and she seemed to be one of the few able to get through the minefield. Even Ecuagenera used her service!

Andy Gissing’s Phragmipedium kovachii won the experts vote. It had one enormous flower. From the internet it seems this species requires intermediate temperatures but cooler nights which seem to enable the plant to put its energy in to the flower rather than growth. It tends to flower in early winter. It grows best in moderately bright light as it suffers in the sun. It requires regular feeding and to be kept on the moist side. Andy has his planted in rockwool with limestone chunks mixed in and smashed shells on the surface. A spectacular flower!

The other pictures show the display table-again well stocked and a close up of my favourite Oncidium.