We listened to a very interesting talk by Frances Quesada Pallares about the orchids he found on the expedition to Borneo in 2015. He used his own photos on the many plants WITH flowers that he saw there. He was lucky to find so many in bloom! There were some familiar species but many that were unknown to us. He also spoke of the varied accommodation he stayed in and the terrain he travelled. We all were ready to book a trip!
The expert table was won by Bill who exhibited a well grown Bulbophyllum “Jersey” which had several large blooms that are interesting rather than beautiful! He grows the plant in a basket of rockwool cubes which are kept damp all year. He keeps it in medium light in the cooler section of his greenhouse.
Th novice table was won by the Paphiopedilum hybrid displayed by Andy Gissing. The plant was bought from a local garden centre and was one of the first acquired when he became interested in growing orchids. It has done very well even though it had broken in half during its life!