Here are photos from some of my plants that are in bloom now. The cymbidium was purchased from Homebase about 3 years ago and has 3 spikes on it this year despite it being a small plant.  It must have a species such as Cymbidium erythraeum in it hence the green spotty flowers.

The dendrobium was a piece off a member’s plant some years ago. It has taken a long time to get as big as it is but I like the pendulous flower spikes. I think it must have dendrobium speciosum in it but the canes are much more spindly. It ihas flowered well this year, helped by the fact that there were no caterpillars about. If anyone is interested I have a baby from it!

I bought Coelia bella from Burnhams during a visit to Devon. It will grow in to a big plant but divides easily. It has flowered well this year having developed 5 spikes. The flowers grow in short spikes at the base of the pseudo bulbs. They have very delicate colouring, are a crystalline texture and smell vaguely of marzipan. Unfortunately the flowers are short lived and the leaves hide them. It doesn’t seem too fussy about temperature, being able to take a minimum of 10 degrees centigrade. Last summer I put it in a shady spot and it seemed to like that.