It is hard to believe that this time last year our annual show was cancelled. Such a lot has happened since then-or not! Last weekend would have been the weekend of our 2021 effort so I thought I should post some pictures of the plants I would have displayed. I think they knew our show was earlier so bloomed well in time.

I have had the coelogyne for years and it is now a big plant even though it has been divided a few times since I bought it at a Burnham’s stand probably at the Peterborough show many years ago. It is especially good this year and seems to thrive on neglect. It takes any growing conditions thrown at it from cool to hot temperatures and watering when it is remembered. I think shady conditions help it survive such treatment as I only bring it forward when it is flowering. The flowers last several weeks and have a delicate perfume. An overall winner!

The dendrobium is slightly different from the normal candy pink version. I can’t remember where it came from but it always seems to flower reliably. I divided it last year and it put on a lot of new growths so has more flowers. Apart from the colour and the fact that is a slightly more robust plant it is grown in the same conditions as the species namely water, feed and heat in the summer and in winter no water, no feed and cool with as much light as possible. There will be more dendrobiums with similar cultural conditions when they are fully in bloom and I take the photos.

Why not send me pictures of your flowering plants?.