The British Orchid Council has just published the results of the Covid19 online Congress it organised to coincide with the Malvern International Orchid Show that unfortunately had to be cancelled. There were approximately 400 entries in total, some from as far away as Australia, representing 27 orchid societies as well as individual entries. A nationwide team of 42 Judges had the task of evaluating 14 classes from the two photos taken of each entry, one of the whole plant and another of the flower. The general quality level of the entered plants was outstanding. It proved to be a great event that could perhaps be repeated. It seemed from the photos very inclusive. The organisers were amazed at the number of people who were tempted to show their plants who normally wouldn’t have, who grew in a great range of places and conditions, not all in purpose built and equipped greenhouses.

In addition to individual class results the BOC judged those societies entered for Best Society and those results are as  follows:-

1st                   Darlington O.S.
2nd                 Suffolk O.S.
3rd                  East Midlands O.S.

This is an absolutely stunning result for Suffolk, and is due the group of members who entered their beautiful plants. There was apparently only 1 point difference between us and East Midlands O.S.!

Our outstanding result for an individual goes to Bill Gardner. His enormous Masdevallia ignea was placed first in Class 7, Masdevallias. This plant was also was runner up in Best Species. In addition his beautifully grown Oncidium hybrid won Class 14 for Unnamed Orchids. David Kohn won Class 11, Any Other Species with his cleanly presented Pholidota chinensis and Andy Gissing won a Second in Class 8, Vandeae, with his stunning Seidenfadenia mitrata.

For those plants that did not make 1st or 2nd in their Class but were particularly noteworthy the Judges were able to make Highly Commended Awards.


  • Andy Gissing won an HC in Class 3, Dendrobiinae, for his Dendrobium thysiflorum.
  • Bill Gardner won HC’s for his Masdevallia Aquarius x Falcons Gold in Class 7 and a Odontoglossum hybrid in Class 14.

Bill Haldane an HC for his Class 11 Coelogyne tomentosa.

For pictures of all the plants in the competition look up the Covid 19 Congress page on the BOC (British Orchid Council) website.

Congratulations to all those who took part and helped promote our society.